Frequently Asked Questions

Please call or email if you have any questions we did not address on this page.


Do you board pets together?

The only time you see more than one pet in a suite is if the owner requests pets in the same family to stay together.

What happens if I am late to pick up my pet?

We deal with travelers all the time and understand airline and traffic problems. Of course we will take care of your pets until you can arrive home. All we ask is you call us as soon as possible to let us know when you will be arriving to pick them up.

Can I leave my pet for long term stays?

We have had pets stay with us for as long as six months to a year while owners were rebuilding a home or on extensive travel. For long term stays we require an open credit card to keep billing current. Of course your pet will receive lots of TLC for the entire stay. Remember, when your pets are here we treat them like our own.

Do we need a reservation?

Yes, we can be very busy especially weekends, holidays and summertime. We go on a first come first serve basis so we recommend as soon as you know your travel dates to book for your pets. However, never be afraid to try us last minute, we are a large facility and will do our best to accommodate your needs.

How do I cancel a reservation?

We ask that you simply call before the day of your reservation so we can make room for another pet and their family. During busy times we often have a wait list.

Can I bring in my own bed, toys, and blankets?

You may bring in either a bed or blanket and please no towels. You may also bring in two of your pets toys, but they must be larger than 3 inches so they do not roll down the drains. Animal Inn’s cannot be responsible for toys or bedding left with your pet due to loss or damage. Some pets forget the manners that they have at home and can chew up toys and /or bedding to the point we need to dispose of them. Therefore, we suggest that you do not bring very special family articles. Remember your pet will be given a plush pile carpet to sleep on each night, and we have our own stash of toys for playtimes.

Does my pet need to be vaccinated?

Yes, all pets must be current on all required vaccination. Please bring in your vaccine records. If you cannot find your paperwork but know the Veterinarian who did the vaccinations, our receptionists will be happy to verify them for you.

Do you have a Veterinarian on staff?

We have 3 doctors on call and one of them comes in every day. Each pet is given a mini exam on the day they check in.

Can I bring in medication?

Yes, as long as the pet is on an ongoing medication, we can continue to administer it. The medication must be in properly identified bottles from your Veterinarian.

Leaving your pet is always tough, but trust me this is a great place if you need one.

–Kenneth Z.