ZOT Ball Conditioning Machines


ZOT GlossBoss

Features and Benefits

  • Customer Friendly Display
  • Four Easy-to-Program Price Levels
  • Four Easy-to-Program Run Times
  • Electronic Coin Validator
  • Bill Acceptor
  • Mechanical Compound Advance System
  • Easy-Adjust Buffer Shaft
  • Double-ended Bearing Support on Buffing Wheel
  • Scrolling Message and Advertising Display
  • Buffer Pressure Meter


ZOT GlossBoss II

The GlossBoss II is identical to the GlossBoss except the Scrolling Message Display has been replaced with a Static Sign, and it does not include an Electronic Coin Validator, relying instead on just the Bill Acceptor. The GlossBoss II retains the same high polishing performance as the original machine – and all for a price tag that is more than 20-percent less than a GlossBoss.


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